Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Snow fall

I've been a little lazy recently. Well, not lazy so much as tired...or maybe it's the same thing.

It's odd really, because I've been sleeping fine and I haven't been staying up too late or anything like that, but I just reach a stage mid afternoon where I'm exhausted and my head starts hurting and concentration leaves the building. It doesn't seem to matter what I do during the day, it still ends up like that.

Of course, add to that the mild panic that hits me every time I'm on a mid-academic year holiday and its always worse in the Spring holiday because exams are creeping towards us. So I feel guilty everytime I stop working. But I have kept baking, mainly because it's one thing that keeps me sane (and it doesn't take too much time away from revision). I've made two types of cookie recently, and whilst I can't be bothered to write up recipies, here are some pictures;

Chocolate sandwiches

Smarties cookies

And one final thing - it snowed today. Which is really odd, because although when you think Switzerland, you usually think of snow, it doesn't often actually snow here in Geneva. And barely has all of this winter. And yet, today, it was, quite heavily at some points. It settled briefly, but is mostly gone now. Still, it was quite nice to at least see a little bit before winter properly ends.


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