Monday, 10 March 2008

20th Birthday Biscuits

The weather is miserable. Roll-up-in-a-blanket, sit by the fire, cup of cocoa miserable. And due to some fairly impressive insomnia last night, I am not only cold but completely exhausted. And I'm supposed to be baking a cake tonight. It doesn't have to be done tonight, but it would have made life easier. Ah well. I'll squash it in tomorrow.

I have already baked something this week (well, yesterday, so technically last week, I suppose). For the second birthday in under a week I resorted to something easy and quick. Although I wasn't terribly pleased with the outcome tastewise. I just made sugar biscuits with sugar icing, and they were a little bland. They looked quite nice though, I suppose. And I have some dough left in my fridge, so I might foist that off on the hillwalkers on Wednesday too (that's who the cake's for).

I feel I should write more, but I can't quite think straight at the moment. This week seems ridiculously busy for a last week of term...

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