Saturday, 8 March 2008

Cinnamon Apple Cupcakes

I was going to enter these in one of the online cupcake competitions...but I didn't get around to making them before the deadline, so it didn't happen. Instead, I made them for my hillwalking club for out weekly lunch. Transport requirements meant that I couldn't ice them before hand, so I took a tub of icing with me so that we could ice them there. It went down remarkably well!

I really like these cupcakes. Using the right apples, they are lovely and moist, with a very definite flavour of the spices. I'm pleased with the frosting too, which was a last minute experiment.

Apple cinamon cupcakes
4oz self raising flour
4oz brown sugar
4oz unsalted butter
2 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp cinnamon
2 medium eating apples (I used Russets)
1tsp baking powder
2 eggs

Oven: 190°C
makes ~15 cupcakes

1. beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. beat in the eggs one at a time
3. Fold in the flour, spices and baking powder.
4. Peel the apples and cut into small chunks, then fold into the mixture.
5. Seperate the mixture into the cupcake pan.
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes

Honey Buttercream Frosting
1 dsp honey
25g unsalted butter
icing sugar

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together until the desired consistency is reached.


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