Monday, 25 February 2008


Not a good day. In fact, an absolutely miserable day at the moment. And it was going so well...

I've just missed an important appointment at the hospital needed to fix my chronic hamstring tendonitis. Thing is, I was absolutely positive the appointment was tomorrow. I could have sworn that I was told Tuesday by both my doctor and the receptionist who booked the appointment. I wrote down Tuesday in my diary. I remember sitting there studying tuesday to work out when would be a good time. And this morning I got a missed call telling me I'd missed my appointment...

Cue worried call to the hospital, then a tearful one to my mum. And it sounds like I can't reschedule until two weeks from now, which is only a few days before the Easter holidays and hence before I leave to go home. Thing is, I've been told Tuesday again - as the surgeon only comes in on Tuesdays...and yet I missed an appointment on Monday?!

So yeah, not in a good mood. But that means that the cupcakes I was planning on making this afternoon are even more important. I need something to cheer me up!


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