Friday, 14 March 2008

Bad leg = bad day(s)

These have not been a good few days. I'm overtired, overstressed and quickly reaching the end of my tether. Thank God it's only two days to the holidays, and five weeks of home food and home comfort (even if the revision will still be intense). Of course, my knee isn't making life any easier.

I had a steroid injection on Tuesday, to try and heal a chronic hamstring tendonitis. And whilst I'm glad I've had it done – provided it works – I'd forgotten how frustrating the recovery from any type of invasive procedure is. This might not be a patch on the surgery I had on my kidney a few years ago, but it's still frustrating. I can't walk properly. It doesn't hurt, as such, but it's stiff and it just won't move normally. Which means I inch from place to place, and I'm usually a fast walker. And my leg gets tired so easily it's untrue, and that combined with my base level exhaustion from not sleeping properly has turned me into a grump.

I spent Tuesday afternoon pre-injection decorating cupcakes for my hillwalking group (it was supposed to be a cake, but I was let of the hook in the end when someone else decided to make one too, so I returned to cupcakes). I was actually very pleased with them – soft, moist ginger and vanilla cake with dark ganache and cadbury's mini eggs to decorate (a must have at Easter – and the number of mini eggs at the lunch was quite spectacular!). The problem arose when, Wednesday morning, I tried to get them to Newnham College.

Usually it would take me twenty minutes from my front door. It took me nearly forty. And whilst lunch was yummy and the cakes went down well, I then had to walk back into town for lectures. And then I had to walk back to Newnham in the evening to attend a formal, by which point my leg was sore and I really wanted to just go back to bed instead. So after an evening that should have been a nice, relaxed meal with friends, but which turned into a slog, with me snapping at people and then feeling guilty for it, bed is where I went.

Thursday was a bit better walking wise, at least during the day. But I think I overdid it a bit, because when my boyfriend and I went out for dinner (to a yummy asian place, where he introduced me to red bean paste balloons – the major highlight of the day), it took me a while to get there, and then even longer to get home. To top it off, we were supposed to go to the lateshow at the local theatre, and I actually couldn't walk there. We got a third of the way in an excrutiatingly long time and then I just couldn't keep moving. I felt terrible, dragging him back home, as I know he really wanted to go, and although he kept saying he didn't mind, I still felt I was letting him down. But I didn't stop there. We tried watching a film instead, I fell asleep halfway through, and once it was finished I just wanted to go to bed and sleep. And he took a long time getting his shoes and coat to leave, and I actually kind of lost it, snapped at him to leave and….gah! Just not nice.

So I'm a little nervous about today. I want to go out with friends tonight, because so many people are leaving tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long I'll stay awake for. And an early night, I think, may well be essential if I'm to be at all pleasant tomorrow. In fact, I might come home and have a nap after my lectures this afternoon…


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Such cute cupcakes! I love the Easter eggs :)

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17 March 2008 at 05:55  

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