Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Carrot Cake

Wow...long time no blog. I've had a busy term, and that, combined with a lack of oven, has kept me from any creative cooking or baking. But I'm back home now, and the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, so I've been catching up. Just a quick post to start off with though.

This term I've developed a love of carrot cake. Odd really, as it's not something I ever would have eaten before, but Sainsbury's do an absolutely amazing version...which you can't get here in Geneva of course. So I decided to make one myself.

Okay, this isn't really a proper carrot cake. There's plenty of carrot and spice in it, but other than that it's just a plain sponge cake. And the cream cheese frosting was a bit more liquid than I would have liked. But it was still yummy. I may have to experiment more once Christmas is over.

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